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How-to setup wifi

Setup Wifi


Click on [Wifi Settings].


Select "Set wifi configuration" > Wifi > "On".

Click [Save].

This will refresh the [Wifi Settings] page with all the options enabled.

Initial setup


Click "Wifi information" > [Scan] to search for available networks.

Scan for network


Note the SSID of your wifi network (or highlight with mouse and copy (ctrl-c)).

Select wifi


Fill in the "Set wifi configuration" fields.

Type your "SSID" (or paste (ctrl-v)).

Type your "PSK Password".

Type your "Country Code".

Select your "Security Mode".

Click [Save] to save your wifi settings.

Note: Your "PSK Password" will be converted to a secure "PSK Passphrase".

wifi settings


piCorePlayer should now be connected to your wifi network.

Check "Wifi information" > "Wifi IP" for the IP address being used.

wifi IP address


Click [Main Page].

Click [Reboot].

Quickly remove the LAN cable.

When piCorePlayer has rebooted, you should be connected via Wifi using the Wifi IP address.